DALF C1 Exam preparation

Preparing and passing the DALF C1 examination

Presentation of the DALF exam

The DALF C1 (diplôme avancé en langue française) is an official diploma awarded by France Education International, an operator of the French Ministry of Education. This diploma is internationally recognised and is valid for life.

The DALF C1 facilitates professional integration throughout the world and is a real asset in your career. At the academic level, it allows you to enter university and the French Grandes Ecoles (engineering, business). It is often required to enter other French-speaking universities (Switzerland, Belgium, Canada).

The DALF C1 tests your French language skills and includes 4 tests: oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production and oral production.

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1 module presenting the exam

Find out how the DALF C1 exam works and how it is organised.

16 DALF C1 preparation modules

  • 4 modules of oral comprehension
  • 4 modules of written comprehension
  • 4 modules of written production
  • 4 modules of oral production
  • The detailed methodology of each exam
  • A mock exam
  • Methodological advice
  • Specific grammar and lexicon sheets
  • The correction of the mock exam
  • The detailed correction of your written and oral productions
  • Personalized feedback on your work
  • Advice on how to study efficiently and how to progress


To go even further...


Consolidate your basics and deepen your grammatical and lexical skills.


  • Grammar
  • Conjugation
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonetics
  • Oral comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Written production
  • Culture

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